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Pixie Nook ~ Cornwall

Pixie Nook ~ Cornwall

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Pixie Nook, Warleggan, nr Bodmin, Cornwall

+44 (0) 1637 881 942

1, from £695 for 3-4 nights (min stay applies) 4pm Check In
No 10am Check Out

Did you know: It is said that the ghost of an eccentric former vicar now haunts Warleggan Church!

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The Getaway


Location: Cornish countryside
Perfect for: Secluded Romance

Squirreled away near Bodmin Moor is Pixie Nook, a gorgeous self catering cottage in Cornwall with upcycled vintage treasures, bright floral curtains and lush velvet furniture. There’s a welcome hamper upon arrival, and fairy lights winding up the garden path outside towards the hot tub…

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Main Review

Friday, 15.45:

As we disembark at Bodmin Parkway Station, a steam train chuffs past on the Bodmin & Wenford heritage line. “Quick!” shouts Monsieur 2, “wave your red knickers at the driver!”

“We’re not in a Victorian childhood novel darling,” I protest, “besides which, I don’t have them with me. Red ones, that is.” “Never mind,” he sighs as we get into a waiting taxi, “let’s see if we can find us some pixies at Pixie Nook instead.”


After a 20 minute drive through the picturesque villages and rugged expanse of Bodmin Moor, we arrive at Warleggan.

“Twinned with Narnia!” Monsieur 2 exclaims, “we are in a novel!”; I’m sure he’s joking but, catching sight of Warleggan’s welcome sign, I realise he is not, and make a mental note to look out for Mr Tumnus.


We pull up outside a gorgeous semi-detached stone cottage with peppermint doors, matching window frames and a colourful flower garden.

Its name is Pixie Nook, and it’s not hard to see why – we have to bend almost double to fit through the front door! And it’s been a while since we last managed the limbo.


“It’s a touch…girly, isn’t it?” says Monsieur 2, his eyes sweeping around what I think is a perfectly gorgeous front room.

Bright floral curtains and lush velvet furniture in pinks and purples are a delicious contrast to the brilliant white stone walls and stripped, cream floorboards. There are fresh flowers too – gerberas, my favourite.


In the kitchen we find a welcome hamper packed with Cornish goodies, including fresh scones, wine, and there’s clotted cream in the fridge. “Oh,” says Monseiur 2, “They do know how to win you over!”


While the kettle boils we haul our bags up the narrow staircase to the bedroom. It’s fabulous. The velvet bedstead resembles a giant wing-back armchair, and we adore the teacup-stack bedside lamps.

“Nope, no sign of Narnia in here” says Monsieur 2, knocking on the back of the wardrobe. Bless him, he sounds genuinely disappointed.


Downstairs, we prepare tea in the colourful china tea service, and take it outside to enjoy in the back garden.

It’s very attractive, but what we’re most excited about is the hot tub! The owners have left it on for us and it is warming up nicely…


Throwing on the wax jackets and wellies that are thoughtfully provided, we go out for a stroll. Warleggan is more of a hamlet than a village, with around half a dozen houses and a striking little church. There are no shops – and because we are car-less, we’re glad we brought groceries with us.


I’ve lit a log fire and from the corner of my eye, I can see that Monsieur 2’s impressed. I don’t let on that it was already laid with kindling and newspaper, and all I needed to do was light the match; instead, I take advantage, and we cosy up on the fleece rug, watching the flames crackle away.


Dressed in our trunks, we take our wine and glasses and head out to the hot tub. It’s a slightly chilly evening but the tub is beautifully warm.

Clinking our glasses, we sit back and relax as the powerful jets massage us and beam when fairy lights begin to come on, gradually lighting up garden. The effect is magical.


Wrapping ourselves in thick fluffy towels we dash back inside and warm up by the fire. Then, leaving Monsieur 2 to watch TV, I adjourn to the kitchen to rustle up some supper.

I’m glad to see it’s well-equipped with all the utensils I could possibly need as well as some basic ingredients and serve up my efforts at the little dining table.


It is tempting to turn in, but we spy board games…


Monsieur 2 has thrashed me at Monopoly, but I wiped the floor with him at Trivial Pursuit. Declaring a truce, we’ve decided it really is time for bed. Monsieur 2 is first in, and nicknames our bed ‘The Marshmallow ‘- he’s spot on – with its cloud-like feather pillows and duvet in ruched covers, it is super soft and very comforting.

Saturday, 07.30

Waking early we extricate ourselves from The Marshmallow and flick on the Roberts DAB radio before going downstairs to shower.


It is a bit of a tight squeeze for two in the shower, so Monsieur 2 goes first. “Dirty Cow!” he remarks. I quickly realise he’s commenting on the rather fabulous ‘Dirty Cow’ Cowshed shower gel provided, not my hygiene. Phew!


Eggs, bread and orange juice were included in the welcome hamper so we’ve everything we need for a hearty breakfast.


Pixie Nook’s diminutive size means it takes no time at all to tidy before we go, and we soon have it just as we found it.


As our taxi pulls up we squeeze through the dinky door of this lovely little house for the last time. We depart hoping – but fairly certain – that whoever’s lucky enough to stay here next will love it as much as we have.


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Pixie Nook is a fantastic gay friendly luxury self catering cottage in Cornwall self catering in cornwall.



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