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Going for Gold in Swaffham

It may seem like a sleepy market town, but its two most famous sons made their names finding great treasure!

swaffham discover norfolk historyThe legendary Pedlar of Swaffham was a local man who dreamt that if he stood on London Bridge he would hear great news. On the bridge a man mocked him, saying that if he believed in dreams he would be in Swaffham digging in a pedlar’s orchard, where a fortune in gold was buried! Look out for the Pedlar on the town sign and in pew carvings in the local Church.

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Then there’s Howard Carter, who discovered the magnificent tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922. He spent his childhood in Swaffham and is remembered today in a display at the town’s museum, which, incidentally, includes artefacts on loan from the British Museum.

With the townsfolk’s record for finding treasure, we’d say Swaffham men would make perfect matches for ‘gold-diggers’ of another variety!

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