What we’re packing

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Skyfall - Dame Judi’s Wrap Party

Oh this is it. This is the one. Just look at it. Go on. Seriously. I am spasmodic with excitement at the thought of slipping in to this little puppy. 

Bravo Mr Hylton. Bravo. It’s just so ‘yes.’ That fitted jacket with the wider straight-legged trouser has been enjoying a renaissance over the last two seasons, and combining it with satin wool is genius for it gives the whole thing great drape and swish-factor. We like drape and swish, it makes us feel so frightfully debonair.

Ports 1961 AW12 (image: style.com)

The AW12 trends of double-breasted jackets, wider peak lapels and high collar undergarments are also covered, meaning if Tom Ford raises an eyebrow we can look him squarely in the eye and blow him a raspberry. And nothing, bar nothing, says ‘I want to be the next Bond villain please Mrs Broccoli’ more than those optical lovelies and leather gloves.

Weekend in the Country AW12

We’re spent.  We really are.  We’ve done New York and London and we’re going to mentally snap if we see another boat-neck T-shirt for SS13.

Gauging this closeness to meltdown our Editor in Chief checked us in to The Pig for a two-day respite before heading off to Milan.  We thought she meant the Berlin sex club and packed accordingly.  Apparently not. Apparently there’s a Hampshire hotel with the same name.

Christophe Lemaire AW12 (image: style.com)

Who’d have thought? So we’re having to re-pack and, since you look to us for all things fashion, we thought we’d share with you our clothing selection for this autumn sojourn.  We’re calling it ‘modern living for the agricultural elite.’  Thick-gauge wools and velvets in a pallet of grey, blue and black.

Dolce & Gabbana AW12 (image: style.com)

Laced-up shoes and done-up collars always in white.

Alexander McQueen AW12 (image: style.com)

Accents of maroon and orange along with belted coats, high waists, double-breasted jackets and three-quarter-length trousers.

Burberry Prosrum AW (image: style.com)

Think an avant-garde Brideshead Revisited.  With fabulous accessories.

Giorgio Armani AW12 (Image: style.com)

Launch Party Look AW12

We’re off to a launch party for bespoke cocktails at Il Bar, in the new Bulgari hotel.

This’ll work. Fierce and luxurious, it will give our fellow guests one hell of a visual smack.

Yes the invite says black-tie. Yes we’ve ignored it. But hey, we’ll be wearing a mohair bolero, elbow-length leather gloves and a Cuban-heeled boot all designed by a New York-based Russian émigré and hand crafted by a small group of ladies living just outside Venice.

Opulence, power and sexiness with an artisanal sensibility around design, perfect for an Italian luxury-brand hotel that’s based in one of London’s most prestigious fashion districts. God we’re good.

Image: style.com
Designer: Alexandre Plokhov (AW12)

Words: @MrAndersWhite