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Islands in the Stream

Who doesn’t dream of owning a private island? For the Buchanan-Smith family the dream has been a reality for forty years – and they share their good fortune with visitors to Isle of Eriska .

Current owner Beppo Buchanan-Smith’s parents originally ran the Isle, ten miles from Oban and linked to the mainland by the landmark ‘Bridge Over The Atlantic’ , as a religious retreat for six months of the year.

Given the isle’s tranquil, isolated location and beautiful meditative landscape it’s easy to see why.

Now, however, the island offers a retreat to anyone lucky enough to book one of the twenty-five rooms and suites.

With 300 acres to explore , walkers and nature-lovers will be in their element; Eriska is home to otters, deer and countless bird species.

Best of all though are the friendly badgers , some of which – to guests’ delight – come up to the steps of the house every night for milk and food put out by the staff!

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