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Hastings has art that will catch your eye

You have to feel sorry for poor King Harold, whose day-trip to Hastings back in 1066 was ruined by him getting an arrow in the eye before he’d even had time for round of crazy golf. So unfair.

Modern day visitors to Hastings can have their eye caught rather more agreeably, by the impressive art collection in the town’s new Jerwood Gallery. Architecturally interesting, the sleek, low building’s black-glazed tiles reflect the changing light from the sea.

Inside, the collection represents some of the best modern British art; there are no pickled sharks or unmade beds here but rather works by the likes of Maggi Hambling, Stanley Spencer and Christopher Wood.

And, on the top floor, there’s a rather marvellous cafe with the best sea views in town – just keep an eye out for low-flying arrows lest your day end like poor Harold’s.

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